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How do you describe Carmon Slater, a man who is an artist, an interior designer, a home and landscape designer, an art curator, and a naturalist? It's hard to pin this Renaissance man down to a simple description. Carmon is an artist, first and foremost, but his abilities span more than one medium. 

To visit his home and studio he designed is to get a small glimpse of his diverse abilities and interests. Every wall, every cupboard, every nook and cranny is art. His studio is a feast for the eyes--everywhere you look there are colorful canvases, paints, photos, books, works in progress, as well as completed works. A visual collage before your very eyes.


Carmon offers his artistic and design services to both individuals and corporate clients. Working from color swatches, paint chips, color photographs and consultations, he creates pieces that are as unique as the individuals who acquire them.  Please feel free to contact Carmon with any general or project specific questions.


1/24/2014 - 3/30/2014 
"Carmon Slater: A  Retrospective"  A lifetime of
40 years of work and over 50 pieces of his art were displayed in 3 galleries.
Lakewood Cultural Center
470 S. Allison Parkway (Alameda & Wadsworth)
Lakewood, CO

1/30/2014 - 4/29/2014
"MANifestations: Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum's
Twelfth Biennial Exhibit of Quilts Made by Men"
A new and unique glass and quilt piece was displayed.
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum,
1213 Washington Ave., Golden, Colorado

Miki Orihara & Stephen Pier
New York City